8-Pack Moving Blankets Polyester-Woven 72" x 80" | MBO-75

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  • Blue and Light Blue
  • Woven Polyester
  • 46.64 - 50 pounds per 1 pack
  • Blue color binding
  • High-quality Moving Blankets are ideal for extended use.
  • Great for moderate to heavier weight things and fixtures.
  • High rate shock reduction and cushioning abilities.
  • 1 Blanket weight: 5.83 to 6.25 Lbs

Premium blankets for moving also identified as MBO-75 , are made out of polyester material, which is actually popular for its durability and strength capabilities. In addition to that, the material is woven on both sides of the pad which actually let you set up house furniture towards any side and so have a similar protection. Premium blankets for moving also are great for using them several times if you are relocating. You actually may use them for several other situations in between moving, including but not limited to trunk, storeroom padding or a rug for a doghouse.

Each Premium blanket for moving features finished sides and 4 corners which has a dual-lock binding, including a zig zag pattern all over the surface area, to make your blankets sturdier and more long-lasting. Polyester premium moving blankets might be a fantastic product for wrapping household furniture, dressers, sofas, wall mirrors air mattresses etc. In the case, you feel that you will be needing even more resistance you might combine MBO-75 blankets for moving with a stretch film, alternatively take a look at our MBO-85 Heavy Duty moving blankets which in turn are featuring maximum industry-standard protection. Each of premium moving blankets are light blue coloured.

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