4 Dozen Moving Blankets Polyester-Woven 72" x 80" | MBO-75

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  • Premium Moving Blankets are stunning for long-lasting use.
  • Suitable for moderate to more heavy weight objects and piece of furniture.
  • Blue binding
  • Woven Polyester
  • High rating shock reduction and cushioning abilities.
  • 70 - 75 lbs . per dozen
  • Light Blue on backside and Blue on front side
  • Single Moving blanket weight: 5.83 to 6.25 Lbs

Each Premium moving blanket has finished ends and corners using a dual-lock binding, and also a zig zag pattern all over the surface, to make your blankets stronger and much more durable. Polyester premium moving blankets is an excellent solution for furniture, desks, sofas, decorative mirrors bed frames and many others. In case, you feel that you need even more resistance you might combine MBO-75 blankets for moving with a plastic stretch film, otherwise consider our MBO-85 Heavy Duty moving blankets which inturn are featuring maximum industry-standard protection. All premium moving blankets are light blue.

Premium moving blankets or how we call them MBO-75, are produced from polyester material, which is popular due to its durability and strength characteristics. In addition, the material is woven on both of sides of the pad which in turn will let you place pieces of furniture either side and so have the identical protection. Premium blankets for moving are also incredibly good for using them several times when you're relocating. You certainly may use them for various events anywhere between moves, for example, as trunk, warehouse underlay or a rug for a doghouse.

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