Wardrobe Boxes

If you are here you probably have some clothes in your dressing room or wardrobe. It is well known-fact that hanging clothes is better than folding it, as the clothes not wrinkled and don’t have any creases. Our wardrobe boxes allow you to hand your clothes inside the box. Which protect your valuable clothing from an environmental or physical impact.

Assembled and Closed Tall Wardrobe Moving Box with measurements. Assembled and Closed Tall Wardrobe Moving Box with measurements. 2
Wardrobe Boxes

Tall Wardrobe Moving Box | 21" x 24" x 48"| MBO

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Keeps clothes protected and organized The bottom may be filled with shoes and bedding The height makes them great for long dresses Winter coats and jackets tend to fit better in this type of box versus shorty wardrobe box The box allows clothing stay on hangers during the move
Short Clothes Hanger...
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Wardrobe Boxes

Short Clothes Hanger Wardrobe Box | 24" x 20" x 36"

Moving Boxes Online
The bar is metal and the box is strong enough to hold the weight of coats Easy to set up and load up The bottom space may be used for filling shoes or pillows Great for storing your clothes
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