Moving Blankets

No doubt that Moving Blankets is a fantastic choice for furniture padding. On the other hand, you can effectively utilize our moving pads in more ways and situations. Until now we have 4 different blankets for moving, which vary in material, weight, colour and performance.

  • Our Economy MBO-45 black moving blankets useful for protecting and storing light items (desk fans, toys, plastic patio furniture, etc.) or utilizing as a floor padding when working with tools, they will protect the flooring from unwanted scratches.
  • Standard MBO-65 Moving Blankets are actually 44% heavier then Economy, they also thicker which will provide better cushioning for your medium-weight furniture and electronics.
  • MBO-75 is a Premium Furniture Padding solution which is used almost for any type of furniture and provide excellent protection for floors and walls. They also could be used as a trunk pad or inside of doghouse. Your dog will love it!
  • Our best-seller is Heavy Duty Moving Blankets or simply MBO-85. Those are professional grade blankets which are trusted by top moving companies and offer superior protection and durability. Woven-Microfiber material also provides excellent cushioning for accidental floor and wall touches.We provide a great quantity variety for all our products, to accommodate your moving supplies needs better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your moving blankets Dust / Waterproof?
All our blankets are dust and moisture proof; however, for water resistance, we recommend applying a layer of stretch wrap, which also provides extra protection. Finally, stretch wrap also will fix blankets in their position, so you would not need to worry that they may slip-off.
Are all moving blankets washable?
  1. MBO-45 or Economy Moving Pad are made from non-woven fabric which is known as washable; however, the blankets itself are not very durable for continuous reuse; they are good for storage or warehouse. Washing these blankets not guarantee that they will perform as well as new ones because washer and dryer are working on relatively high speed which may not be compatible with an Economy Moving Blankets.
  2. Standard MBO-65 moving blankets also made from washable material, but same to Economy Moving pads may not perform well enough after washing. The blankets made of non-woven and the water combined with high washing speeds may change the filler structure.
  3. MBO-75 is qualified as the Premium Moving Blankets and made of woven fabric which is known for its great strength capabilities and could be washed several times without decreasing its protection features. They also made from polyester which is known for its durability and washing characteristics.
  4. MBO-85 or also known as Heavy-Duty Moving Blankets are made of microfiber woven fabric which provides the best quality features for long-term use and reuse, they also could be washed with almost no impact. Please consult one of our agents, and they will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right moving blankets.
How many Blankets do I need?
Moving blankets are mainly used for furniture protection, in most cases allow 1-2 blankets for small to medium furniture piece, and 2-4 for medium to the large furniture piece. If you are looking for soundproofing moving blankets, just measure your wall, each blanket is 72” wide.
Which Blankets are good for soundproofing?
MBO-85 Heavy Duty Moving Blanket will save you a lot of money if you are planning to soundproof your room. Those blankets are made of Woven-Microfibre which make it harder for sound and air to pass through it. You can even use heavy duty moving blankets for soundproof vocal-booth, just hang them on the walls and you are all set!
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