5/16" Medium Bubble Wrap 12" x 375 ft (Front With Measurements)

5/16" Medium Bubble Wrap | 12" x 375 ft

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  • The actual wrap is perforated each dozen in.
  • Great for packing your precious pieces of decor
  • Gives you brilliant support protection for your fine or hypersensitive pieces like thin glasses, sculptures or collectible items.
  • Blend it together with some other product packaging material like boxes, shrink wrap, tape and foam packing peanuts to increase the protection capabilities.


One of the most common packaging supplies is definitely 5/16" Medium Bubble Wrap | 12" x 375 ft . Beside the fact that it is light in addition, it offers the top proper protection available on the market. By simply mixing with another wrapping supplies, you will increase its protecting capabilities. You can apply it by covering items from the list below or give freedom to your mind and apply it everywhere you desire.

  • Glassware
  • Flower vases
  • Television sets
  • Vintage Items
  • Fine art
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