Newsprint Packing Paper 5 Lbs (75 Sheets)

Newsprint Packing Paper | 5 Lbs (75 Sheets)

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  • Clean, white, acid-free and ink-free newsprint
  • Can be used to fill empty spaces and prevent items from shifting
  • Keeps your belongings clean and safe
  • Wrap Anything You Want!
  • Perfect for thing glasses
  • Provide Outstanding Protection


5 LB of Newsprint packing paper is a great tool to easily pack 1 - 1 Kitchen glasses, dishes or few large fragile items. Newsprint sheets are clean, without any ink, acid or supplement, that is why they don't leave any traces. Newspaper sheets are used by professional movers as well as in shipping in general. Packing paper is coming perforated every inches, which allow you to easily take sheets one by one right of the pack. Combine 5 LBs of newsprint with the moving boxes and other packaging materials to have a better protection.


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