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65 Gauges Stretch Wrap 12" | MBO

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65 Gauges Stretch wrap or how it also frequently called - Shrink wrap is an essential protection layer for every item from knick knacks to heavy dressers. Our stretch wrap is 12 inches tall and 450 m long. Usually to pack one bedroom apartment you will need 1 - 2 rolls.

Great for:

  • Securing Loose items / Doors / Shelves / Organizers / File Cabinets
  • Combining with moving blankets
  • Dust & Moisture protection in Storage & During moving
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Toys

Very easy to apply, 1 roll in box. If you are looking 4 Rolls / box click here.


Our superior quality stretch wrap is 12 inches wide and 450 meters long. It will be more than enough for the usual one-bedroom apartment, to wrap all fragile items and furniture in moving blankets. 65 Gauges will offer you professional performance and great durability during moving and storage.

Some of the items you can protect with 65 Gauges Stretch Wrap:

  • Toys
  • Fragile items
  • Loose things
  • Glass

If you are packing furniture yourself make sure to wrap it with our Heavy-Duty moving blankets and apply 12" Stretch wrap as a top layer, to hold and secure the blankets on furniture. You also can use stretch wrap to secure shelves and doors from opening. By choosing stretch wrap instead of usual moving tape, you will avoid unwanted glue marks on the furniture and keep the paint untouched. It is also very easy to apply, same as the wrap to protect food just bigger!

305 mm
450 m
65 Gauge

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